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A LAST SHOW OF THE BOOK IN UGANDA and at a time like this.  This last one is to raise some stinking money for the Marty Singer Scholarship Fund and finally finish that house for one of Kony’s former sex slaves, so I can go back to writing nob gags for a living.

Friday April 20th 8.30pm at MISHMASH in Kampala, tickets here.


  • ajosuna

    Although I have my own thoughts about the campaign started with Kony 2012, it is a fact that now Uganda is on the map for many people and Joseph Kony is already known by the mass.
    However I can´t agree to the saying that the end justifies the means and the video is a bit of tabloidish and I consider a bit confusing that the final aim of the campaign is keeping the US advisers in Uganda (did the US government said they were thinking of withdrawing them from Uganda?), not mentioning anything about putting pressure on Museveni, what I would say is much more important at this stage, not just for this topic but for other many more we can´t forget in all these years of corrupted government.

    Besides that, cool work with your book, a very intersting way of making Kony visible with a funny approach an thoughtful research. Congratulations for that and all the best.